Terms of service

Terms of service comes into force from a formulation stage you agreements with its criteria by means of use of services of the Website is not dependent on time of visit or presence of registration. If you have contradictions with provisions of this Agreement, you are obliged to close the Website immediately.


  1. Subject of Terms of service
    1. Terms of service (the Agreement is simple further) coordinates relationship between the KinoSex Internet resource (Website) and its visitors who are accompanied by access to the Website, commission of registration on the Website, an arrangement on the Website of data and application of information which is had there.
    2. The agreement is capable to change team of the website without special news, the new draft agreement begins to work on the expiration of 2 (two) days since a moment of its publication if other is not considered by the new draft agreement.
  2. Description of the Website
    1. This Website - this the website of love and sexual acquaintances for adult (18+) full age and efficient people.
    2. One and all questionnaires settle down independently people who are registered on this Website. The management of the Website of the questionnaire of users has no on the open spaces.
    3. You agree that it is impossible to specify in personal questionnaires, comments and/or thanks to other methods on the Website of data which are capable to lead to an identification of with other person: surnames, name, contact information and other personal data. If harming the person because of the indication of false data on the Website is recorded, then not the Website, and the person who laid out them in network answers.
    4. You realize that on the Website, you have an opportunity to see contents which can carry offensive, immoral or debatable character. This Internet resource does not bear responsibility for the content part which was created by his clients and advertisers. For example, the Website is capable to have in the contents photographic materials, graphics and texts of obviously erotic orientation which are provided only for persons whose age exceeds 18 years (more than 21 year in the states where it is specified in the legislation). Uploading the questionnaires to the Website, you can specify the sums which are considered as payment only for the time period which you will spend with the other person.
    5. This Contract specifies to persons who are not 18 years old (or 21 years in the states where it is demanded by the legislation), to refuse stay on the Website. Being on the Website, you confirm that you already full age. You have to close the Website if the legislation of your state, by church views, medical instructions or any other way it is forbidden to you or stay on such websites is not recommended.
    6. The Internet a resource gives to users the chance to use an extensive spectrum online of services, resources of navigation, personalisation of the site content and other. All services which are available for this period, and also their formation and/or accommodation of the latest it is considered subject of this Agreement. You realize that all contents are presented "as there is" also a Website not responsible for suspensions, interruptions, elimination or not safety of these or those user individual data. The website is capable when it is required, to close each of own services. The website can not notify users on closing of services, and also the Internet a resource does not bear any responsibility for an admission stop to own services.
  3. Registration on the Website, the password and safety
    1. After registration you will acquire registration data to get access to the Website where it is necessary. You are responsible for security of your registration data and all that is made on the Website from your name. You undertake to inform in the fastest time the Website on each case inadmissible you an entrance with your registration data or on any non-compliance with safety. You independently are responsible that you make completion of work under own data at the end of each working session. Website not responsible for probable loss of data.
    2. After registration, you acquire the right for use of own data for the admission to the Website. You have no rights in transfer of own registration data to other person. You also have no right to gain it from other persons.
    3. You agree that the Website can stop action of your data on the Website and remove any contents on any circumstances, including non-compliance with the Agreement.
  4. Rights, duties and responsibility of the user
    1. You understand and provide a consent that the person who published this content bears responsibility for all data, information, documents, a photo and video content, messages, comments and the other used materials (content) which placed for the general admission or intentionally or unintentionally transferred. This fact shows that it is concrete you, but not an Internet resource, entirely are responsible for all contents which you load, report or by any other method make available thanks to the Website. The website does not make contents control which is ceded through it, and therefore, does not provide reliability, accuracy, comprehensiveness or quality of these contents.
    2. You agree with what data of individual character which were entered by you in certain sections of the Website belongs to you and do not concern powers and legitimate interests of other people. You realize and understand that the individual information entered in the questionnaire (including your contact data, photos), will be located and available for the purpose of acquaintance to boundless number of people by means of the Internet.
    3. You agree not to apply the Website for:
      1. loadings, the publication or other method of distribution of contents which is considered illegal, doing harm, menacing, offending morals, breaking the author's powers urging to hate other people on racial, national, sexual, religious signs possesses insults to certain persons or institutions;
      2. non-compliance with the rights of the persons which did not reach majority and/or causing damage by him in any form;
      3. distribution of pornographic material, in particular children's;
      4. insults of the rights of group of minorities;
      5. representations by other person or official of the organization and/or associations without the necessary rights on that;
      6. loadings, transfers, transfer or any other method of distribution of contents which you should not spread in the general access by the legislation of the state or on any contract relationship;
      7. loadings, transfers, transfer or any other method of distribution of contents which concerns any certificate, a trademark, a copyright or other copyright and/or others and powers of the third party, adjacent to it;
      8. loadings, transfers, transfer or any other method of distribution not admissible in a special way marketing data, spam (including and search), lists of foreign addresses, various schemes of "pyramids", multilevel management (MLM), concepts of Internet earnings and post business plans, "letters of happiness", and also for the purpose of participation in these events;
      9. loading, transfer, transfer or any other method of distribution of files where there are virus computer files or the software appointed for frustration, liquidation or restriction of working activity of any computer or telecommunication equipping or programs for realization of not allowed access, but also serial numbers to paid programs and projects for their generation, other resources for extraction of illegal access to commercial resources to networks, is not allowed distribution of references to the above-stated data;
      10. intended violation of rules of law;
      11. collecting and storages of individual data of other persons;
      12. damage of normal working activity of the Website;
      13. use of any methods of illegal representation of other people on the Internet;
      14. support of the acts concentrated on non-compliance with the restrictions imposed by the Agreement;
      15. distribution of advertizing data on brothels.
    4. If the user violated this Agreement, his account the administration the Website will block. The money staying on the page of the user is not subject to return.
    5. The website has no obligations to check the maintenance of any type before an arrangement on its open spaces, still the Website has rights at own discretion to give refusal in an arrangement of information or on simple to remove the data available through its resources. You are obliged to make an assessment of all danger which is accompanied by application of content, including reliability, comprehensiveness or advantage of these data.
    6. You have to know that activity of services has the right to request transfer of your data on computer networks, and besides to change it for the purpose of compliance to specifications.
    7. You have no right to recreate, repeat and make copying, to sell and resell, besides to apply to any trade purposes any parts of the Website, besides those situations if the similar consent to you was given by the Website.
    8. You realize and agree to the fact that the admission on information from the Website also users who not registered in system possess. The website is not responsible for behavior of these persons on the Internet resource.
  5. References
    1. The website on open spaces of the content is capable to have references to other websites or Internet resources. You have to understand that the Website has no rights and is not responsible for availability of these resources, but also for their data and any possible results in a consequence of use of data from these websites.
  6. The rights of the Website concerning content of the Website
    1. You realize that the various software which is on the Website possesses a confidential information, protected by the legislation on intellectual property and many other laws, besides it is still protected by international agreements. Data which you read or you check on the Website possess protection of copyright. To copy data it is not allowed and pursued by the law, except for situations if the Website, under the joint agreement, provides you information personally. You should change, not rewrite and sell, and also not publish the received data and the software on foreign resources.
    2. You allow and understand, use of information from the Website will be intends only for personal reasons. The website is not responsible under the law that someone the stranger placed your data, or on the contrary, you placed someone else's data.
    3. The arrangement you the information data on the Website leads to transfer of rights to its application of the Internet resource by administration. The management has rights to make removal of data without notification of users who violate the rights and a legitimate focus of interest of other persons, wrong, not accurate information or data having offensive character.
  7. Release from guarantees
    1. You have to know and carry a consent that:
      1. You accept use of services of the Website at own risk and use it "as is". The website does not answer to lawful documents that data do not correspond to service of the purposes of users;
      2. The Internet resource does not provide a guarantee that: The website will answer your inquiries; work of the Website will be conducted without breaks, it is prompt, safe also without errors; data which you request will be received accurate and true; properties of any product, any service, data which you acquired, will answer your plans; all errors in software products will be modified;
      3. Various you will manage to apply materials which you received from services of the Website on fear and risk, the Website not responsible for the various harm done to the device and data in a consequence of loading of these materials;
      4. The website not responsible for various real or indirect loss which followed because of: uses or impracticabilities of use of service; not allowed admission to your messages;
      5. The website is not responsible for not allowed duplication by the third parties of the personal information published by the user on the other websites and in media;
      6. The website is not responsible for a result and effectiveness of the publication of the questionnaire on the Website, besides, on relationship among clients of the Website.
      7. Under various conditions responsibility of the Website is limited to the sum of 150 (hundred fifty) US dollars and caused on it in the presence in its acts of fault.
  8. The finishing provisions
    1. The agreement is a legally binding connection between you and this Internet resource and regulates application of branches of the Website by you.
    2. Nothing in the Agreement is capable to be comprehended as formation between you and the Website of agency relationship, the friendly relations, relationship on collective work, relationship of individual hiring, or other relationship which are not provided by this Agreement.
    3. Adoption of the Agreement by bailiffs of any statement invalid or not suitable for compulsory performance does not attract invalidity, or impracticability of other adoptions of the Agreement.
    4. The divergence from this Internet resource at violations by you or other clients of adoptions of the Agreement does not select at the Website of powers to make appropriate actions in protection of own interests later, but also, does not designate refusal of the Website of own rights.